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Mystique Facials

Meridian Contouring &  Re-sculpting - East meets West with the movement of energy points in the face. A purpose driven treatment that lifts, sculpts and firm while pushing toxins out, lifting and tightening.  Working with a Jade stone, the muscles, meridians and circulatory system will create a CHOK CHOK- (Glowing) effect.  Cleansing, exfoliant, mask, and moisture    90 minutes. $145.00

Meridian Contouring & Re-sculpting facelift massage - This stand alone result orientated Eastern techniques works with the meridian points in the face to unblock congestion, while specific lifting technique, movement and jade stones will help aid in the circulatory system to detoxify, stimulate, brighten, helps soften fine lines while creating a relaxing, tightened and youthful glow. Great for weddings and events, before makeup.  30 minutes. $75.00

Access Facelift- This process of helping to un-create limiting beliefs, helps to lift and and relax the muscles, while working to reduce the look of fine lines.  60 min. 125.00

Organic Spirit – With the power of touch in a peaceful environment you will receive a customized organic Reiki facial that addresses your skins needs while connecting with your presence, raising and balancing your vibrational energy. Cleanse, exfoliate, extract, massage, mask relaxes and reduces stress along with an astonishing sense of well being.                                 60 min. $125..00

Secret Goddess Ritual - Anti Aging/Hydrating This luxurious especially designed custom peel exfoliation facial is highly effective for firming, using active serums to lift and reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles revealing a smooth, fresh, moisturized complexion. 60 min. $125.00

24 Carat Gold Cleopatra- The secret to ancient beauty. Gold, reduces appearance of fine lines , firms tones and illuminates the skin while slowing down the depletion of collagen. The gold mask promotes moisture retention , leaving your skin smooth and radiant. 60 min. $130.00

Venus - Vitamin C / Brightening facial A high antioxidant facial that promotes formation of collagen essential to growth and repair of healthy cells. This treatment is especially good for dehydrated and sun damaged skin revealing a bright, fresh and rejuvenated skin. Cleanse, C exfoliant, extract, massage, mask, moisturize 60 min $125.00

Just Breathe - Oxygen facial – Formulated to increase oxygen absorption by a stream of highly pressurized concentrated oxygen molecules infused with vitamins, minerals and nutrients giving the skin a smoother, brilliant and healthy glowing complexion. Cleanse, customized peel, massage, mask moisturize. Purifying properties give this deep cleaning and hydrating facial a stunning radiance. 60 min. $125.00  

Diamond Radiance - This result oriented facial treatment uses diamond microdermabrasion to resurface and lift dead skin cells. Using highly active serums this is a true skin rejuvenation that enhances the condition even after the first treatment. Optimal results will occur after a secession of treatments. 60 min $135.00   or   6 treatments $725.00 ($810 value)

Soothing Silence - Rosacea/ Sensitive This tranquilizing and refreshing facial treatment calms visible redness while relieving and rejuvenating reactive, sensitive and irritated skin. Cleanse, sensitive exfoliant, pressure point massage, mask, moisturize. 60 min $125.00

Meridian and Crystal Healing Facial- visibly rejuvenates the skin by diminishing physical signs of stress and energy imbalance. This extraordinary facial clears the invisible pathways of energy that flows through the body's meridians, enhancing circulation, radiance, tone, texture, and facial contours, while promoting inner health and well-being.  60 min. $ 135.00

Lion King - Men’s facial This real man’s facial focuses on deep pore cleansing, custom peel, massage, mask, moisturize, using products especially selected for a man’s skin. 50 min $110.00

Lickety Split - Not much time but get an amazing refreshed look with a cleanse, peel and vitamin serum infusion blast. 30 min. $90.00

Back Glow – Back facial Treat the only part of your body you can’t reach to a fabulous experience. Starting with a deep pore cleansing, followed by hot towels, a grape seed exfoliation, mask, and a light application of moisturizer. 50 min. $125.00

Ala Carte Additions

Sound Healing $30.00

Microdermabrasion Decollete' $30.00

Microdermabrasion ONLY  $60.00

Oxygen Blast of vitamins to any service $10.00

 Eye treatment $6

Lip treatment $6


Eyebrow styling $25.00

Upper lip $20.00

Face sides $30.00

Chin $20.00

Lower lip $15.00

Reiki/ Energy Healing

Reiki is a traditional form of energy healing originating in Japan in the 1800’s. The word Reiki means Universal Life Force. The symbol can be translated as meaning :soul energy” or aura” It is not a part of any religion and can be used by any belief. Reiki is a remarkable method of natural healing that uses a spiritual energy channeled through a practitioner’s hands at various frequencies. The session can restore health and provide a wonderful sense of well being. Please read the FAQ's for more details.

Reiki session 60 min. $110.00

Crystal Healing- 45 min. $95.00 By the placement of crystals on and around the body they can help to entrain you to the frequency and property of the specific purpose of that crystal.  Many healing effects and great for relaxing, love, balancing and an over all state of wellbeing.

Crystal /Sound Healing Plus- 80 min.  $150.00  This calming session is to clear and balance Charkas (energy points within the body), find self love, manifest love and connect with Angels by using a combination of Crystals, Reiki, Aromatherapy & specialized music.  *Also you will receive an angel card message after the session. Many healing effects and great for relaxing, love, balancing and an over all state of wellbeing.

Sound Healing Journey - 60 min. $100.00  Relax, Renew & Heal from  a collection of sound and frequencies of Tibetan healing bowls, crystal bowls, tongue drum, buffalo drum, ocean drum and more.

Meditation, Grounding & Manifesting session   30 minutes $90.00