JL Essential Oils

JL Essential Oils evolved from the passion of our founder, Jan Leland, a licensed Esthetician with over 10 years experience utilizing essential oils into her practice at Spa Mystique Dallas. She found that the power of exotic aromas can give you a tranquil sense of peace or an undeniable awareness of attraction leading her to create 100% pure, and an intoxicating fragrance for men and women. 

A reveling sensual scent that becomes an experience has its own Law of Attraction where an adventurous side complements a daring desire. Engage in a blend of exotic essential oils known to heighten awareness of attraction.

With the ease of a roll on and small enough to take anywhere, indulge in compelling fragrances for the spirit within. Our products work with an individual's own chemistry to bring out the excitement of the imagination, or the serenity of your soul. Apply  to neck or wrist.

XO Peace- calming natural essential oil with an aroma to help find you find balance and peace within.

XO King- A unique combination of natural oils for men that are known for heightening the awareness of attraction.

XO Secret Goddess - A mysterious seductive light scent of exotic natural essential oils known to heighten the awareness of attraction.

For more information go to the website JLessentialoils.com